Israel & the Growth of Nationalism

Nationalism is fine, but it does not justify encroachment on a neighbour’s territory.

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1024px-arch_of_titus_menorahJewish-Roman Wars


Philistines settled in Palestine in the 12th century BCE, which confirms that Palestine had long been a nation (see Palestine, Britannica). After the three Jewish-Roman Wars, fought between 66 CE and 136 CE. Palestine was renamed Syria Palaestina by Roman Emperor Hadrian after he crushed the Bar Kokhba revolt of 132-136, thus named after Simon bar Kokhba (d. 135). The Bar Kokhba revolt is the third of three Jew-Roman wars, but it is sometimes called the second, the Kitos War being omitted.

Jerusalem was renamed Aelia Capitolina and Jews could no longer enter the city.

800px-thumbnailExpulsion of the Jews during the Reign of Hadrian


The concept of nationalism was not new to the 19th century. Traits and circumstances shared by a number of individuals such as language, religion, foklore, location, not to…

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Gee, Why Is Russia So Paranoid?

In Saner Thought

There is much talk these days that Russia is just being paranoid….that NATO and the USA does not have any intentions of starting a new Cold War….

I had try to explain a little history of Russia to help my readers try to grasp their thinking….

Source: “A Paranoid Russia” – In Saner Thought

Then the most recent build up in Eastern Europe of US armor……

Source: The Return of “Heavy Metal” | Ace News Room

Then more recent news of US troops moved to the Russia border in Norway…..

Tensions are already on the rise between the US and Russia over massive US deployments in Germany for a training exercise marching east toward Russia. A force of US Marines are now heading to Trondheim, Norway for another deployment along the Russian border.

Russia is none too happy, again, both annoyed at the US for deployment yet more troops…

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