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Who is the Prophet?

I still keep hoping that this is the last time this month i’m posting about freedom of expression. According to Oxford dictionary a prophet is A person regarded as an inspired teacher or proclaimer of the will of God :the Old Testament prophet, Jeremiah. The Prophet Among Muslims is Muhammad.

For visionary people as some authors it may be a person who advocates or speaks in a visionary way about a new cause or theory:he is repeatedly hailed as a prophet of modernism. This sounds a fair one :

Therefore,  after publishing the “Charlie Hebdo” cover on my blog last week, i had to run around the world in order to avoid being “cyberjihaded” in France.  Or even more to get killed by some Chechen fellows (Muslims or even Christian Orthodoxes) ready to revenge in the aftermath of  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  release. Thankfully, Charlie Hebdo doesn’t publish any 3D cartoons for now. To give reason to all the unreasonable, Pope Françis this week spoke “a little bit” just as an Al-Qaeda’s spokesman while he was in a visit in Philippines. Some people, though, interpreted his speech as “a reason to kill”. Why Pope Francis don”t give us explanations as well for the :offshore account compliance in the Holy Vatican City.

Five Chechens arrested in France and ‘dangerous explosives’ recovered a day after 800,000 Muslims marched through Chechnya praising Charlie Hebdo killers.

Some cartoons of the new Charlie Hebdo’s issue:
charlie hebdo new issue

yalta au vatican charlie hebdo
yalta au vatican charlie hebdo

charlie hebdo iphone 5 cartooncharlie hebdo cartoon jihadcharlie hebdo pope francis

charlie hebdo cartoon
Job centre charlie hebdo// How looks like an islamist cell

isis leader charlie hebdo

charlie hebdo jihadists

charlie hebdo hostages exchange
Charlie Hebdo hostages exchange

Here are some of my trips during last week without showing my face among violent Anti-Charlie protests around the world:


Nonetheless, Prophet’s front cover erupted violent protests in parts of the world over the latest issue of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.The deadliest violence has been in Niger, where authorities report 10 people killed. Churches and homes have been destroyed, the government said in a statement.

charlie hebdo office after attack blood
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