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All It Takes To Cross From Turkey To ISIS-Held Syria Is $25 :No refund possible though

This week the pricelist for a wannabe Jihadi was releaved. Jihadi John probably tooked this “easy” way to go viral so quick beheading people and show us his numerous psychological problems making him so famous.

As it was reported by HuffingtonPost this week the last movement of the trip is straightforward: All it takes to cross from Turkey into Syria nowadays is to have a “bootlegger” -smuggler and approximately $25 to 50$. (We don’t know yet if the exchange rate plays a role into the smuggling action).

During the time that US and allies try to get organized to take action against the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group and security measures in the West in the wake of savage terrorist assaults, Turkey’s “jihadi highway” is still as permeable as ever.Just a week ago, three London schoolgirls made a trip to Turkey and vanished into Syria after purportedly informing a female Islamic State recruiter on Twitter. Furthermore, nobody could forget Hayat Boumeddienne the most researched woman in France, the girlfriend of Amedy Coulibaly who made the terrorist attack in the kosher food shop in Paris, who is currently in Syria, just showing for 3 seconds her french passport (which loves so much) in the Turkish Customs. Security camera footage shows Hayat Boumeddiene and a male travel companion arriving at Istanbul Sabhia Gokcen airport on Jan. 2.

Despite Turkey’s insistence that it’s doing all it can to secure the 500-mile-long border, smugglers, fighters and refugees say that Turkish criminal gangs and bribed Turkish paramilitary police have created an environment where anyone can cross into Syria, for a price.

“When [the Turks] close one area, they open up another,” Jasim Qalthim, a 30-year-old smuggler in this Turkish border town of Karkemish.. “They could make it harder if they wanted.”

Some smugglers “buy” a particular section of the border for a half an hour at a time from an Islamic State “emir,” or prince, who controls the border guards, he says.

“He’s originally Turkish — Abu Ali,” Qalthim explained, sitting in his dilapidated home as his children watched Batman on a flickering screen with Arabic subtitles. “All the soldiers are afraid of him. One time, he closed the border for 10 days, just because he was angry. He controls everything. He makes huge money and buys weapons and ammunition for ISIS.”

 Turkey actively facilitated the passage of rebels between September 2011 and March 2014 in order to bolster the fight against Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad,The United States got more deeply involved, calling out Turkey on its porous border, and the Islamic State became an unmanageable problem.

Turkey for years has asked for more international assistance in dealing with the mass displacement of Syrians on its soil — they number more than 1,622,000, according to government and U.N. numbers.
Extremist fighters are often scattered in refugee populations. The country blames a lack of intelligence-sharing between countries for why so many foreign fighters and ISIS supporters slip through the cracks.


Rami Zaid, a 23-year-old activist in Aleppo, says he crosses once or twice a month, usually east of the Bab al-Salam border gate because, as he says, there isn’t much security for 25$ to 50$.

For Abu Hawrain, a 24-year-old Syrian lamb trader turned smuggler (?as it pays better), paying off Turkish border guards at the Bab al-Salam crossing is part of the daily routine saying that he smuggles approximately 100 people a month to territory on the other side controlled by Free Syrian Army-affiliated fighters and more hardline jihadist groups.

“They don’t care about the law,” he said of the guards at the border. “They let anyone cross if they have money.”

However, the official Turkish forces at the gate aren’t really the ones controlling the border, Abu Hawrain said. A group of four to five rich and widely fear Turkish “gang” leaders run things in Kilis, according to the young smuggler who says he sees them every day.

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Source: wikipedia

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Source: HuffingtonPost.com

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