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Who are the French fighters who commited their lives into militias fighting against ISIS?

The anti-jihad movement is an emerging movement that has began to gain more and more ground and supporters in France especially after the tragic events of January 2015 in Paris.

Horrified by the ISIS slaughters of Christians living in the Middle East, these new-born movement of French Christian militias to fight the Islamic State in Iraq or Syria gaining more and more supporters. At first glance, no typical profile for these new recruits who are said as “Anti- Jihad” committed volunteers : the candidates of a this new kind army are sometimes retired men or barely twenty years old young boys.

Probably, these people they never had a weapon in the hands or on the contrary ,some of them have already received military training . However, all say they are determined to fight against this ” barbarism and cruelty of the Islamic State .”

As LeFigaro.fr reports,one of these fighters a retired sergeant , who spent 18 years in the French army, said he was ” determined ” to leave France and go in the Middle East in order “to help the Christians of Iraq and Syria.”

“In the 1990s, when I saw what was happening in Rwanda , I started to get involved in an NGO. Today what is happening there is the same, people can not be slaughtered and nothing is done . ” He doesn’t describe himself as a “Bloodthirsty” person, or even having as a back idea any “Crusade” but he says that he simply wants to ” train young Christians some self-defense ” during one to three months time .” “I ‘ve done this for African troops recently. I am looking to reach a combat zone or a training camp to teach these people to defend themselves against the monstrousness of the ISIS terrorists . “

Above all, a humanitarian engagement against ISIS

Interviewed by La Depeche du Midi, a rugby player living in the Tarn-et-Garonne (Near the borders with Spain) says he wants to go and commit himself into this combat for about one to two months. He is a former officer in the army, marines , paratroopers , where he has been an instructor . A very conscious young man who practices rugby as an amateur and very determined. In his eyes , no doubt , no fear . His expertise in training weapons ( it will be especially called to teach recruits ) as its reflection , deviate from the outset the vainglory , bigotry or ignorance . To justify its decision to engage with Christians of Kurdistan, it evokes “the barbarism and cruelty of the Islamic State’s actions .

He says that It is inconceivable to be killed for your religion , whether this one is Christianity , Judaism, or Islam. ” He describes himself of Christian confession, although rather an atheist. Religion has not the consequence of his commitment. His fight in which he has been commited to is to be a ” humanitarian” one in the broad sense of the term.

This young man, named Victor by the journal for obvious reasons,says that he is aware that his story is not an ordinary one . There’s little evidence of similar commitments of French young men for now. This is also why he wants to make it known :

“All this does exist ,” he notes , and obviously , it bothers a lot. And it itches just as rubbing as he hopes that his action might help of getting things in the right direction . That’s all humanity and freedom has to give.

Another man determined to go and fight ISIS aged of 42, says that he’s “very happy” to join the group “ Dwekh Nawsha “. This Christian militia numbers nearly hundred fighters was formed to defend the Christians of Iraq from ISIS persecutions . Currently,as an unemployed security guard , he says is ” urgent for him to be committed to this fight “:

” the airstrikes carried out by the international coalition are ineffective , and during that time  Christians were massacred he says. I think the coalition against ISIS must go  “boots on the ground” . And as no country wants to do this, it must be some volunteers to go and defend these people . ” Christophe has never yet fight in a ​​war nor trained with arms . “But I ‘m not afraid to go and fight , I know that I would learn all these there,”.

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4 thoughts on “Who are the French fighters who commited their lives into militias fighting against ISIS?”

    1. Yes i translated that in the “McCain way” as it was first used some weeks ago. Some French deputies paid a visit to Mr Assad this week and medias reported it as very constructive. A Turkish Ultranationalist leader visited today Mr Assad as well. After all he just used some chemical weapons against its own population nothing wrong to their eyes. But if he could leave his throne for a while and organize , for once, democratic elections in his country it will be the best solution joint by international intervention somehow to stop ISIS. ISIS will remain “rooted” there as long as instability remains active in Iraq and Syria


      1. Who had just used some chemical weapons? And what makes you think the elections were not democratic? I work closely with independent observers (The Syria Solidarity Movement http://www.syriasolidaritymovement.org/) who travelled to Syria specifically to observe the elections and who reported a massive turn out to vote for Assad, with celebrations on the streets for days after, unforced celebrations. ISIS is the creation of US, NATO and above all Saudi Arabia…there is NEVER any excuse for interventionism which is in itself an excuse for imperialism.

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