As Oil Declines, The UAE Is The Safest Bet In The Middle East

EMerging Equity

While the stalemate against the Islamic State, or ISIS, sits just a few hundred miles away and oil receipts dropping by the day, the glittering skyscrapers and perennially superlative-laced cities of the United Arab Emirates are filled with citizens and expatriates sitting by brand-new pools, sipping cocktails, and checking their swelling bank accounts.


Even these tough times aren’t so tough for the United Arab Emirates.

With the country predicted to enjoy a robust 5.2% GDP increase in 2015, the UAE remains MENA’s (Middle East and North Africa) best place for investment.

As the country now takes on the sacred cows of fuel subsidies and taxation, change is afoot in the emirates, and all of it points towards a future without oil to plump the budget and grease the economy.  Thanks to political stability, geographic isolation, and powerful alliances with the U.S., NATO, and Saudi Arabia, the UAE stands…

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