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#Russia slams #CharlieHebdo cartoons on Russian plane #crash: : Charlie Hebdo used as a scapegoat again its editor says (English-French post)

Russia has heavily criticised French magazine Charlie Hebdo for two cartoons depicting the Sinai air crash in which 224 people, mostly Russians, died.

Speaking nowabout the air crash and security, Egypt has to rethink about its airport security especially in areas where Islamic State militants are active if the air crash in Egypt is found to have been caused by a bomb.

Another jet, according to the Guardian, headed to the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh narrowly avoided a missile in August,British authorities said following the Russian jet crash in the same area this week.

The Thomson Airways jet with 189 people aboard took off from London and was headed to the Red Sea resort.It said the jet came within 1,000 feet of a missile in its trajectory August 23, and went on to land safely. The paper said passengers were kept in the dark about the incident.
  • Dmitry Peskov, President Putin’s media secretary called the cartoon “blasphemy”.
  • According to Russia Today, he told the media: “In our country this would be called ‘blasphemy’. It has nothing to do with democracy or with self-expression. It is just blasphemy.”

    The second picture seems to show a skull in front of a burning plane which reads: ‘The dangers of low-cost Russia. I should have taken Air Cocaine’ — referring to two French pilots who recently fled the Dominican Republic after facing charges of drug trafficking.

    Charlie Hebdo, which is based in Paris, was the target of a terrorist attack in January. Two Islamist gunman killed 10 of the magazine’s staff at its offices and two policemen outside.

    The magazine has a history of controversial satire and has been accused previously of insensitivity. It was criticised by Twitter users on Friday, with the hashtag “I’m not Charlie” among the top trends in Russia – a reference to the “Je Suis Charlie” hashtag popular in the wake of the January attack.

    Members of the Russian Duma (parliament) also hit out at the magazine, calling on the government to blacklist it as extremist literature and saying France should apologise.

    According to the Moscow Times, the editor of Charlie Hebdo, Gerard Briar defended the publication, telling a Russian-language French radio station: “We are a secular, democratic and atheist newspaper. The term ‘blasphemy’ has no meaning for us. The Kremlin is using this to detract attention from other problems.”

    L’hebdomadaire satirique français Charlie Hebdo a publié des caricatures évoquant le crash d’un avion russe en Égypte. Les responsables russes ont qualifié ces dessins de blasphématoires et ont appelé le public français à les juger.

    Les responsables russes ont été les premiers à réagir à la publication des caricatures par le journal français. Le secrétaire de presse du président russe, Dmitri Peskov, a ainsi qualifié les dessins de blasphématoires et a déclaré que « ce genre d’œuvres n’ont rien à voir avec la démocratie ni l’expression de soi ».

    “Les dangers du low-cost russe”
    L’un des deux dessins montre un islamiste se protégeant de débris d’avion qui pleuvent autour de lui avec pour légende “Daech: l’aviation russe intensifie ses bombardements”, tandis que l’autre intitulé “Les dangers du low-cost russe” met en scène un crâne, lunettes de soleil encore sur le nez, disant “J’aurais dû prendre Air Cocaïne”.

    “Y a-t-il des limites à la russophobie dans les médias occidentaux”, s’est interrogé le député Alexeï Pouchkov, président de la commission pour les affaires étrangères à la Douma d’Etat (chambre basse du Parlement russe).

    Sources: lemonde.fr, lepoint.fr, guardian.com, RT.com, Sputnik.com


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