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In #Egypt, angry talk of Western conspiracy over plane crash, but wait a minute …who killed the top #ISIS so called “leader”in Cairo?

According to Alarabiya, Egyptian media have reacted with fury as Britain and the United States increasingly point to a bomb as the cause of the Oct. 31 Russian plane crash in Sinai, with many outlets hammering home the same message: Egypt is facing a Western conspiracy that targets to scare off tourists and destroy the Egyptian economy.


“The people defy the conspiracy – Egypt will not cave in to pressures,” the state-owned Al-Gomhuria newspaper proclaimed in a front-page headline this week. “Egypt stands up to ‘the West’s terrorism,'” an independent daily, El-Watan, headlined.

Conspiracy theories often dominate the scence in the Middle East for a variety of reasons – poor education, suspicion of others, a lack of government transparency, limitations on speech, and the historical fact that powers inside and outside the region do often work behind the scenes to sway events and conflicts. Often, the theories are politically fueled.

The ISIS Sinai affiliate has publicly claimed responsibility for downing the plane, but so far hasn’t explained how it was done. That’s prompted questions about the claim among some observers, considering ISIS’ tendency to often publicize its acts for propaganda value.

In the United Kingdom, there are multiple views about the current political regime in Egypt.

  • One side perceives the Sisi regime as capable of providing important services in exchange for limited costs.
  • Nonetheless, others within the policy circles believe that the regime is incompetent at delivering services, and that the policies of intensive repression will ultimately produce more security threats, further instability and future waves of refugees.
  • Uk’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, urgently ordered all of his nation’s tourists at Sharm el-Sheik home. But the cheap charter flights to evacuate them were denied landing rights by Egypt which was eager to downplay the crisis. This mess will eventually be sorted out but the damage to Egypt’s tourist industry was done.

    Egyptian authorities have said they are looking at all possible scenarios in the crash. They say speculation should stop until the conclusion of the investigation, which el-Sisi has said could take months. They have bristled at what they call a rush to judgment by British and U.S. officials, who say intelligence suggests the IS branch in Sinai planted a bomb on the Metrojet plane, causing it to break apart in the air, killing all 224 on board.

    Yesterday, the 10th of November, was revealed that a leader in an ISIS-affiliated Egyptian terrorist group has been killed, Egypt’s state media reported . That terrorist group, Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, has claimed responsibility for downing the Russian Metrojet flight last month.

    For CNN, Egyptian authorities have said it's too soon to tell what caused the crash, and they haven't accused Ashraf Ali Ali Hassanein al-Gharabali of being involved. However, the government's announcement of his death comes as authorities face questions over security after the crash and push to project a tough stance on terrorism.

    According to Egypt’s Authorities: Ashraf Ali Hassanein Gharabali was shot dead on Sunday after police tried to arrest him in the capital’s El-Marg district. Gharabali has been one of the most wanted militants in the country since at least January 2014, just months after an Islamist insurgency in the Sinai peninsula began in earnest

    The Egyptian Interior Ministry said in a statement: “He sensed their presence and shot at them in an attempt to flee, requiring the police forces to exchange fire with him leading to his death.”

    As i read a lot before deciding what to write, i read this blog and started searching here that the ISIS leader there is a possibility that he was killed by a unit of British SAS or by a Russian Spetsnaz Alpha unit, does anyone effectively knows ? But, honestly i don’t believe that “James Bond”has been in charge of cleaning up the mess of an ISIS Top Operative in Cairo, nowadays, but who knows, it could make a good film for some of us.

    MENA described Gharabali as “the most dangerous leader” of the group, which goes by various names, including ISIS in Sinai Peninsula. He was allegedly involved in the attempted assassination of Egypt’s former interior minister and the thwarted attack on the the Karnak Temple in Luxor in June. the agency said.

    Egyptian Eyes on Russia: Moscow’s decision to suspend its flights as well threw some of the conspiracy theories into confusion, since Russian President Vladimir Putin is always depicted as a strong supporter of el-Sisi.

    “Even you, Putin?” the newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm’s front page proclaimed.

    In the largest state newspaper, Al-Ahram, Taha Abdel-Aleem wrote that British and Americans statements on the crash were part of pressure “aiming to empower the Brotherhood and humiliate Egypt, as well as turn public opinion in Russia against its war on terror in Syria” – referring to Moscow’s air campaign there.

    However, one thing i might have missed is that Putin urged a humanitarian cargo to reach Yemen this week amid more presence of Hurricane-Strength Storms Than Florida Has Seen in the Past Ten Years ?And how, a Russian-built cargo plane with passengers on board crashed on Wednesday 4th of November, after taking off from the airport in South Sudan’s capital, killing dozens of people, witnesses said.

    Saudi warplanes imposing an aerial blockade on Yemen stopped the Russian airplane which brought humanitarian aid into the capital city of Sanaa from leaving the country the 6th of November, saying they prevented former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh from leaving the country on the flight.

    Sources :CNN, Alarabiya.net, Reuters, Twitter, Emirates247, BBC, Telegraph.co.uk, Daily Egypt News

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