LETTER FROM THE ARAB WORLD America, You Look Like an Arab Country Right Now- Politico.com

In a satirical article for Politico, Lebanese architect and commentator Karl Sharro (AKA Karl reMarks) has written an open letter to America from the Arab world, in light of Trump’s inauguration and the massive Women’s March demonstrations that took place across the U.S. 

Sharro cleverly and wittily points to the striking similarities between Arab countries and the direction the U.S. appears to be going. Since the campaign and election of President Donald Trump, commentators have begun taking note of some uncanny similarities between the so-called “land of the free” and the Arab world.

Massive protests. A strongman leader. Interference from the mukhabarat. Interference from foreign governments. Attacks on press freedom. Conspiracy theories.

Nope, this time we’re not talking about Egypt, Syria, Iraq or any other Arab country. This time we’re talking about the United States of America:

If you want these protests to be successful spectacles, though, here are a few crucial tips: Use social media and talk about the importance of Twitter and Facebook in spreading the protest movement. Make sure to highlight that your movement is leaderless and organic. Emphasize the fact that you don’t belong to any traditional political parties or have established ideologies. Come up with catchy slogans. And above all, make sure you stress that you are the moderates. Journalists and analysts like to hear this stuff, as we discovered during our own protests.

And be careful about receiving help from external powers. We hear that both Canada and Mexico might try to interfere in your internal politics. With the Russians already involved, this is promising to shape up into an international confrontation. Be prepared for a flood of think-pieces about whether intervention in America is right or wrong, whether regime change can come quickly or whether it will become a protracted conflict, whether a proxy war is in the cards.

A word of warning though, before embarking on this path. We tried the revolution thing ourselves, and it didn’t work out so well. Maybe you should just adapt to living in the new regime. We were always told that having a strongman in charge is the best solution for Arab countries, otherwise there would be chaos. Perhaps the American people are not ready for democracy after all. Let’s face it America, you look like an Arab country now.


The Arab World


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