Who are the French fighters who commited their lives into militias fighting against ISIS?

The anti-jihad movement is an emerging movement that has began to gain more and more ground and supporters in France especially after the tragic events of January 2015 in Paris.

Horrified by the ISIS slaughters of Christians living in the Middle East, these new-born movement of French Christian militias to fight the Islamic State in Iraq or Syria gaining more and more supporters. At first glance, no typical profile for these new recruits who are said as “Anti- Jihad” committed volunteers : the candidates of a this new kind army are sometimes retired men or barely twenty years old young boys.

Probably, these people they never had a weapon in the hands or on the contrary ,some of them have already received military training . However, all say they are determined to fight against this ” barbarism and cruelty of the Islamic State .” Continue reading Who are the French fighters who commited their lives into militias fighting against ISIS?


From Russia with Love

boris nemtson murder russia

The tragic scene speaks out loudly by its own. No need for words. It reminds me some american spy series which have always a good caption and a murder near a nice historical monument. This time is not an american plot, but the reality. The final scene was not played under the camera’s scope but in the eyes of Russians citizens whose freedom of expression will remain uncertain under the current ruling.

The worry of the Russian people now is that the killing would become a pivot point toward a revival of lethal violence among the leadership elite in Moscow and an intensified climate of fear in Russian domestic politics as NYTIMES says.

Boris Nemtsov, part of the unknown to the international medias the “Russian Opposition” was killed Friday night in Moscow not far from the Kremlin. His body was riddled with several bullets while he was crossing a bridge near the Kremlin , the seat of the Russian presidency . Even Spielberg wouldn’t imagine such a scene. Continue reading From Russia with Love

Des regards croisés sur l'Europe et le Moyen Orient

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