Israeli – Palestinian Conflict and Propaganda

  • The Western Propaganda in favor (or not) of Israel

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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict “Stop Everything! God does not exist

Daily headlines and front-page news coverage connects often Israeli and Palestinian actions in a particular way: Israel is usually depicted as reacting to Palestinian provocations. During the latest Israeli assault on Gaza during the summer of 2014, the news media emphasized in countless items that the Israeli military responded to rocket attacks by Hamas. As an example, the German press argued Israel would hesitate to “retaliate” to rocket fire from Gaza (FAZ.NET, 9 July 2014), had “retorted the attacks” (, 10. Juli 2014), or “responds to rocket fire“ (SpiegelOnline, 11. Juli 2014).
Such usual framing of issues in the Israli-Palestinien conflict implied a cause (Hamas) and effect (violent confrontation) framework that promotes a particular solution such as Israeli military offensive actions to stop Hamas’s rockets.

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Syria and Iraq against ISIS (Daech-Isil) war update as of February 5th

  • Map Situation as of February 3rd
isis map february 2015
isis map 2015 february, source:


  • Is it time for China and Russia to engage actively into the war against ISIS?

There has to be a global fight which has to include Russia, has to include Syria, Iran probably, as well as China and the developing sector to deal with the “ISIS problem”, deal with those sources who are sponsoring it which points from people into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, we have there a whole package which should be led by the major countries in the world and must include major forces in Asia absolutely.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group has killed three Chinese militants who joined its ranks and later attempted to flee, a Chinese state-run newspaper reported, the latest account of fighters from China involved actively in the Middle East conflict.

China has expressed concern about the rise of ISIS (Daech), nervous about the effect it could have on its Xinjiang region with an important Muslim population, which borders Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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