Saudi’s bid to reduce their dependence on crude oil revenues!

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Source: World Data Bank
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Saudi Arabia, the world’s leader producer of Crude Oil tries to diversify it’s economy depending on 45% (of GDP) in Oil Rents  (80% of its real revenues). Manufacturing sector remains steady at 10% and agriculture at 2% .The Agricultural percentage is a rational percentage as the country has some of the most well-known deserts in the world.

Saudi Arabia’s government is putting now  more than $70 billion on the table  in order to  develop  six new “economic cities” with modern buildings and business-friendly policies and regulations. Mars as well  put its manufacturing plant in one of them, King Abdullah Economic City, on the Red Sea coast . It hopes these cities will host clusters in which firms from a particular industry huddle together, their proximity boosting their productivity and creativity, The Economist said.

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Turkey: police raid in Cumhuriyet/Turquie: la publication des pages de Charlie Hebdo divise le pays.

Police raid Turkish daily publishing Charlie Hebdo

Updated: Mr Erdogan got angry with ‘provocative’ Charlie Hebdo.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday lashed out at Charlie Hebdo for its “provocative” publications about Islam, saying the French satirical weekly incited hatred and racism.

“This magazine (is) notorious for its provocative publications about Muslims, about Christians, about everyone,” Erdogan told a meeting of businessmen in Ankara.

“This is not called freedom. This equates to wreaking terror by intervening in the freedom space of others. We should be aware of this. There is no limitless freedom,” he said.

In its first issue since the attacks by Islamist gunmen last week on its headquarters that killed 12 people, the magazine featured an image of the Muslim prophet Mohammed weeping on its front cover.

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Police raided the printing press of Turkish daily Cumhuriyet on Jan. 14, as it prepared to distribute a four-page selection of Charlie Hebdo’s post-attack issue in an act of solidarity with the French satirical weekly.

The police also took extreme security measures ahead of the scheduled publication of the supplement.

Police cars were sent to the printer of the daily in Istanbul early on Jan. 14 and halted trucks to prevent the distribution of the Jan. 14 edition. The distribution was eventually allowed after the prosecution made sure that cartoons representing the Prophet Muhammad were not included in the selection.

The editor-in-chief of the daily, Utku Çakırözer, stated earlier that they had decided not to publish a cartoon on the cover featuring the Prophet Muhammad in tears holding a “Je suis Charlie” banner, in reference to solidarity protests with the magazine.

“When preparing this selection, we have been attentive to religious sensitivities as well as freedom of belief, in line with our editorial principles,” Çakırözer said via Twitter Jan. 13. “We didn’t include the cover of the magazine after a long deliberation.”

(Source: France24)
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